Personalised travel to Germany and surrounding countries of
Europe, and more!
Let GuteReise! customise your travel arrangements or be your expert to go there with you, anytime of the year!!

"Gute Reise" in German language means "have a good trip". GuteReise! is since 2011 a friend and trusted "destination specialist" for leisure and business travellers to Germany and surrounding European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Holland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland) being a "designer of travel experiences" for customised high quality travelling.

GuteReise! also offer products and services to any other destination in co-operation with our network of good and reputable partners in those countries, to provide its customers with best "hassle-free" travel services! Contact us to design your tours. 
Many travellers nowadays do a lot of research prior to their travels. Despite such abundance of information on the internet, GuteReise! can save discerning travellers much time and offer great value for personalised arrangements with our services. 

GuteReise! specialises in "high quality, made-to-measure" programmes with unique travel and local experiences for small groups (family or friends travelling together and who want complete flexibilty of schedule and customised services).
Germany/Europe offers much more than just general sightseeing and shopping. There's 1000-years of history, traditions, culture, UNESCO World Heritage sites, festivals, musical or sporting events plus good food, fine wines, specialty beers and more for the traveller to appreciate or learn more about them. 
GureReise! customise FIT packages for travel in accordance with the customer's interests and budget. We also can book international-market land tours and river cruise packages by major operators for customers to travel with others in a group.

The major rivers of Germany (Rhine, Mosel, Main and Danube) offers great views of cities, quaint towns and small villages. Discover the picturesque and beautiful Germany/Europe countryside!  

"Protestant Reformation / Martin Luther" tour packages (historical and cultural in nature) are now bookable. Special 500th aniversary of "Protestant Reformation" in many locations of Germany are planned throughout 2017.

For corporate customers and business travellers, we have good hotel and conference/meeting services packages, and can arrange extension stays/programmes for people to relax when their meetings are done.
Early summer (May-June) and early/mid autumn (Sept-October) are "high season" for travel in Germany / Europe. Also the first half of December is a peak period (special Christmas atmosphere everywhere in Germany and Europe). But for sure, you can travel to Germany/Europe all year round to enjoy some of their historical, cultural, culinary attractions and more! 

Just ask
GuteReise! about land tours, rail travel, river cruises, or combine your itinerary ("a la carte style"!) for a special or personalised programme at anytime of the year.
DB German Rail Pass and point-to-point tickets, European rail passes, Berlin Welcome Card, Frankfurt Card are available from GuteReise!.

Remember: "Gute Reise" means "have a good trip" in German language! We are at your service to be the designer for your next travel experience!   

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